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Day 2: There is no Day 2!

Is this time TRAVEL? No, it is travel TIME. Owing to our long flight across the international date line, we never experience the second calendar day of our trip.

What I am trying to explain is this: When our plane flight takes off from Los Angeles, it’s Day 1 on the calendar in the U.S.A., and when we land it is Day 3 on the calendar in Australia. Continue reading Day 2: There is no Day 2!

Memorable Travel – 2009

Russia was our 2009 destination, including this spectacular church on the island of Kizhi, with 23 onion domes. It is one of the few wooden churches that have survived, despite it’s northern location, and the most impressive fact is that it is built without a single nail, being fit intricately together like puzzle pieces. One of my favorite sites ever!