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“South Toward Home”

A book by author Alice Joyner Irby

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Full book title: South Toward Home:
– Tales from an Unlikely Journey

I’ve much to say about this book:
->DescriptIVE, reflectIVE, informatIVE, illustratIVE, defensIVE at times though without invectIVE. SubstantIVE without trying to be persuasIVE or argumentatIVE.

Those are aspects “I’VE” appreciated about this work.

“South Toward Home” is an interesting and well-composed memoir from the life of North Carolinian Alice Irby, born in the town of Weldon. The reader is welcomed into an enjoyable tour through these pages by this early passage: “People in that eastern corner of the state know what the dirt feels like under their feet. They know what the Roanoke River yields other than turbulence. They know the meaning of loyalty, the depths of sorrow, and the transcendent power of faith.” (p. 4)

You’ll find this review/report using book quotes, because Alice the writer tells her story so marvelously that I shall not likely improve upon her well-chosen words by using only my own.

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