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Decades of My Life

I sought to depict the calendar decades that have encompassed my life, and do so using six or fewer words. The goal was to capture the essential aspects of the decades that surrounded me, not particular episodes of my personal life.

1960s: Peace and Love amidst great unrest
1970s: Environmental Movement, Gas Shortages, Inflation Incline
1980s: Berlin Wall, Tiananmen Square; no '1984'
1990s: Globalization flourishes; Dotcom Bubble
2000s: Crashes! Nine-Eleven, Financial Markets
2010s: Polarization, 24/7 Political Press; Obama to Trump
2020s: Coronavirus Pandemic

Has the centripetal force of the 2020s already weighed upon us with nearly nine years remaining? So it seems to me.

Pick one decade and provide your six-word description in the comments, or critique mine. Characterize more if you wish, or simply ‘like’ my post and I’ll know you dropped by. Thanks for the visit.

P.S. I didn’t exceed the six-word goal in the 2010s, I simply used numbers that I didn’t count as ‘words’. 🙂

Sahara SunRise

(Editor’s note: Opening paragraph applicably repeated from my prior post):

I did not visit the Sahara Desert, though the title above may imply it. But parts of that ecosystem floated across the Atlantic Ocean in June of 2020 as a “dust storm.”

My first pre-dawn expedition to the beach in over a year came with curiousity toward the effect of this Sahara phenomenon. Sunlight passing through the minerals in the airborne particulate caused exceptional coloration on 27 June, which I share below.

My prior post displayed the complementary images of the previous evening’s Sahara Sunset.

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Sahara Sunset

I did not visit the Sahara Desert, though the title above may imply it. But parts of that ecosystem floated across the Atlantic Ocean in June of 2020 as a “dust storm.”

The minerals in the airborne particulate caused exceptional coloration as the sunlight passed through. My camera lens caught the splendid difference on June 25, before the effect, then as it flourished on June 26.

In truth, every day is distinct at this North Carolina seaside location. A quartet of photos in a slide show and a single panorama photo below captured a variety of early summer sunsets.

I hope to post sunRISE photos from June 27 that were also colored by the Saharan dust. Done, July 3! The link for: Sahara-Sunrise.

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in Tolerable, Pt2

As noted in Part 1, the temporary moniker for this locale is “Tolerable.” Why? With current norms somewhat intolerable, I wish to shine a different angle of light on the state of “in Tolerable.” 🙂

The practices put into place at this time can be observed in this place, albeit with varied forms. All photos were taken April 2020.

WaveJump3 GIF

People here jump for joy … with reasonable spacing.

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in Tolerable, Pt1

In the spirit of

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

The temporary moniker of this place will be “Tolerable.”

When norms may seem intolerable, I’d rather be in Tolerable.

An extended stay-at-home order is unappealing. While feeling at home by the sea in NC, sharing a plethora of April 2020 photos might cast “in Tolerable” with a more favorable light. 🙂

Hazy beach at N Topsail Beach, NC

Conditions can be hazy, but these are open spaces … wide open!

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Lucky Us – 2016

One particular community in Cary, NC, became the target of Mother Nature’s ravages this Spring. With no garage, cars took hits when natural elements attacked. Falling trees, vicious hail, and a myriad of complications played out in three acts and a surprise encore that made Doug and Betsy realize …




___at each___


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Fourth of July, 2015

There could not be a finer place
Than a U.S. Military base
To celebrate America’s day
In new and old-fashioned ways.

Fourth of July! America’s spirit comes alive with bombs truly bursting in air. The public had the opportunity to spend this July 4th evening on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, along with the men, women, and families of active military and veterans. This is a place that oozes purpose, and tonight’s mission was to celebrate.

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