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Day3: “History” can be a long word (Prague)

Today we discover Prague. A guided tour and stump speech began our day. A local guide enhanced the sights of the two oldest portions of the city for us with her knowledge of the area, tales of her life here, and a sense for living in Prague as well as the Czech Republic.

A local professor of Physics met our group along the way, imparting a greater degree of knowledge about the history of the area through his personal experiences since 1968. He literally stepped on a stump to deliver his engaging talk. Continue reading Day3: “History” can be a long word (Prague)

Day2: Wish-I-woulda-packed-a… (Prague)

We headed east from the U.S.A., and picked up time. Flying overnight through Detroit and Amsterdam, we land in Prague a little past 8 in the morning.

This is a Praguetically a free day to roam the city. The weather has cooperated greatly, changing from a forecast with temperatures in the 50s and some rain to three days of sun and highs consistently in the 60s. Continue reading Day2: Wish-I-woulda-packed-a… (Prague)

Day1: Flying is an adventure

Start by clicking where you find ‘Danube 2015‘ highlighted in text like this, or within the menus on the top or left side of my pages. Then scroll up and down to see my notes. More recent updates appear near the top (they may be older topics if I made changes and put them on top); older ones toward the end.

Continue to read about the air travel experience, followed by a map below that shows you “the places we’ll go …” Continue reading Day1: Flying is an adventure