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Night12: Budapest Bright

What does one do on the last night of the trip? Consider that our 6:10am flight means a wake-up time of 2:30am, luggage placed in the ship’s hall by 2:45am, and all-aboard the airport bus at 3:30am.

Early to bed? Stay up all night? That debate was on-going when we learned the ship would be moved to another dock after dark and the captain was going to give us one last showing of Budapest’s best. Continue reading Night12: Budapest Bright

Day12: Bow, Bow, Budapest

‘Tis our last day in Europe. The people here have been most accommodating; the streets sometimes not so much?

It is a marvel to encounter the English-speaking ability of the folks across Eastern Europe. I had very little reason to learn bits of Czech, Austrian-German, or Hungarian; it wasn’t necessary. How can they master their language and grasp ours so well? English is hard, as this example might demonstrate: Continue reading Day12: Bow, Bow, Budapest

Day11: Budapest beginnings

The first question asked is, “Which is Buda and which is Pest?” Budapest is one city, but once there was a separate Buda from Pest (sounds like a limerick is about to begin, but no). It is quickly established that one side of the Danube, which the Hungary maps label Duna, is Buda, the other Pest. How is one to remember?

The dominant landmark of Budapest is the magnificent Parliament Building on the east river bank. At all times it is easy to discern if you are on that side. So our memory mnemonic uses that very name, Parliament, to remember that ‘P’ also stands for Pest. Parliament side is Pest side; it’s as simple as that. Continue reading Day11: Budapest beginnings