Sahara Sunset

I did not visit the Sahara Desert, though the title above may imply it. But parts of that ecosystem floated across the Atlantic Ocean in June of 2020 as a “dust storm.”

The minerals in the airborne particulate caused exceptional coloration as the sunlight passed through. My camera lens caught the splendid difference on June 25, before the effect, then as it flourished on June 26.

In truth, every day is distinct at this North Carolina seaside location. A quartet of photos in a slide show and a single panorama photo below captured a variety of early summer sunsets.

I hope to post sunRISE photos from June 27 that were also colored by the Saharan dust. Done, July 3! The link for: Sahara-Sunrise.

Constrast: The sunset difference a day makes

Contrasting Sunsets
Back-to-back daily Sunsets

Sunset Slideshow: Four Photos from Early Summer 2020

  • Sunsets of June 2020
  • Alt: Sunset June 1, 2020
  • Alt: Sunset May 9, 2020

Panorama Sunset looking from the barrier island of Topsail toward the waters of the sound and the U.S.A. mainland beyond

Alt: Panorama Sunset June 6, 2020
Caption: Panorama Sunset June 6, 2020

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