in Tolerable, Pt2

As noted in Part 1, the temporary moniker for this locale is “Tolerable.” Why? With current norms somewhat intolerable, I wish to shine a different angle of light on the state of “in Tolerable.” 🙂

The practices put into place at this time can be observed in this place, albeit with varied forms. All photos were taken April 2020.

WaveJump3 GIF

People here jump for joy … with reasonable spacing.

Social distancing by land, air, and sea.

  • Distance Land1
  • Distance Land2
  • Distance Sea1
  • Distance Sea2
  • Distance Air1
  • Distance Air2
  • Distance Air3

No trolls on the ‘net here, but a pair of Shrimp Trawlers with nets.

  • Shrimp Troller1
  • Shrimp Troller2
  • Shrimp Troller2b
  • Shrimp Trollers1
  • Shrimp Trollers2

Safe distance? At the edge of the sea is a fine place to be.

  • Sailboat1 Horizon
  • Sailboat2 Horizon
  • Motorboat Horizon

Zoom is an app, or a way to see the distant horizon.

Sailboat1 ZoomSailboat2 Zoom

A wave good-bye … for now.

  • Gull Fly2
  • Gull Fly1


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