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“Fences” brings a story from the theater’s stage to the big screen, and it’s marvelous. I’m confident there will be Academy Award nominations for this film. Viola Davis tops that list for me, but from Denzel Washington through the entire cast the roles were superbly played. The show is heavy on dialog, light on action, but deep in meaning.

The August Wilson stage play by the same name from the 1980s was the genesis of this story. He sold the rights to Paramount in 1987 and it took nearly 30 years for Hollywood to deliver a film. Why? Because August included a provision that the Director be African American, and there wasn’t a “fit” until Mr. Washington stepped up. Then, to further delay the proceedings, Denzel insisted on performing the stage play before acting and directing the film. Enjoy the finished product in a theater near you. Good things come to those who wait.