Book Review: “To Any Soldier”

To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters– by Kathryn Quigg, G.C. Hendricks

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My review begins in the book-of-letters style for “To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters.”
= = = = = = = = =
Dear Co-Author Kathryn Watson Quigg,
Brilliant! Your letters communicate the sprouting of a flower, the search for understanding, and the striving mind of youth.
= = = = = = = = =
Dear Co-Author G. C. Hendricks,
Equally brilliant! Your letters remained focused, cut like a scalpel, and expose vulnerabilities below a hardened surface.
= = = = = = = = =

“To Any Soldier” is an in-the-moment work. As a reader, “you are there” inside the life of a late-teens woman through her letters to a random soldier in Vietnam, feeling her daily evolution toward the individual she wants to discover, then become. “You are there” with her Marine pilot pen pal, sharing his daily routine, rigid attitudes, and glimpses of a future he cannot be confident he will live to see.

I can’t remember a book like this. There is a free flow of language that recalls Thomas Wolfe. There are two stories likely to merge into one, recalling QB VII by Leon Uris.

You want to know where this story ends, but the journey through these epistles is to be savored. There are historical attributes, but this is an unfiltered look into two personal tales. It evolves with excellent pace, neither dwelling where it needn’t nor skipping frivolously about.

A broad audience will appreciate this novel. Long before the last page, you will want to share it with friends. Just a few examples include those who have been letter writers, those who have searched inside themselves, persons who have shared feelings without knowing how another will respond, and those who have experienced the uncertainty of being away in battle or just away from home.

I enjoyed “To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters” by G. C. Hendricks and Kathryn Quigg.

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