Day1: Paris Stroll

Equipping myself for travel goes well beyond packing. The prelude to visiting France and the World War II D-Day landing beaches was a four-hour college professor’s seminar followed by 500 pages of Winston Churchill’s history.

On arrival day in Paris, attention is commanded by the city sights of the Seine, the Louvre, and Eiffel’s icon.
Eiffel Tower seems visible from anywhere in Paris

This long walk through a world capital transitions the body to a time zone 6 hours removed from the Eastern U.S.A.

Petite Arch du Caroussel and Montmartre in our midst

Le Grand Palais

Louvre Building is Art for Art

Van Ostade and Vernet paint light

During dinner the Avalon Tapestry II sails into the night on the serpentine Seine, leaving the tightly-packed city of 2.2 million.

Avalon Tapestry II

Avalon Cruise Lines Tapestry II ship moored in Paris at Quai de Grenelle docks on the River Seine.

The next two days initiate immersion into the art, history, and culture of the Normandy region.

5 thoughts on “Day1: Paris Stroll”

    1. The ship Tapestry II was built in 2015. There were as many USB outlets in the room as electrical outlets, so maybe that is an indicator that it was up to date. Thanks for reading and the comment.


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