Rod Stewart Las Vegas

I was drawn into the way-back audio annals to hear Rod Stewart.
Good Knight! Sir Rod is still performing! My friend ‘J’ has a fetish for those she terms “aging British rockers.”

At Las Vegas’ Caesars (is it still a Palace?) for a show billed as “The Hits,” I yearned for Maggie May, Reason To Believe, Stay With Me, (I Know) I’m Losing You, Every Picture Tells A Story, Mandolin Wind, and Twisting The Night Away.

While Maggie may be an essential hit, those others were surprisingly not included in this performance. It would also light my particular fire to have had some Handbags and Gladrags in a Gasoline Alley.

Still, the songs had flair, the night was fun, the arena was filled, the audience was fully participatory, and the festivity of Sin City was brought to bear.

The large band belted solid sounds while talented singers and string instruments were out front with “the man.” The mandolin made an anticipated appearance, and the saxophone was featured more than I would expect (lest it be Clarence Clemmons, but we no longer have that pleasure).

There was a mix of music from bygone eras (complete setlist below). About two-thirds were clearly Rod Stewart hits. Others may have come from the early days of his band “Faces” and some were simply favorites of the singer.

Tom Wait’s Downtown Train, contained two of the better lyrics of the evening, the notable and quotable lines “I’m shining like a new dime” and “…all my dreams fall like rain.” It secured a Grammy for Rod in 1989 and has been covered by many artists including Bob Seger and Mary Chapin Carpenter. I should like to hear that ballad again soon.

Performing songs by greats Etta James and Chuck Berry is cool, though I was left wishing those legends could be in front of me. Among selections that may have been recorded first by Stewart, (I’m no expert) Marc Jordan’s Rhythm of My Heart has a most pleasing beat.

As for the songs I know as fundamental Rod Stewart hits, I have a new appreciation for the depth of You’re in My Heart, you’re in my soul. DO try this at home: Play this song when you’re close to someone you’re close to, let your ears pour the lyrics into your heart, and share them through your lips while looking into their eyes to gaze at the reflection of your soul. All the ingredients are provided, let the 1970s hitmaker stir them in you.

Thanks for the show, Mr. Stewart. Filling the theater night after night? Some Guys Have All The Luck. Fitting into those skinny pants that seem silly to you? You Wear it Well.  Any doubt you still have an adoring audience? Have I Told You Lately…? Transporting those aging fans back to memorable days? Stay With Me … Forever Young.

Attended November 24, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s a Vegas showroom — a 3-photo GIF
Caesar's Stage
Click any thumbnail below for a large image from the set above.
Rod Steward Stage Rod Stewart Stage Rod Steward Stage
A large band, and everyone had their time in the spotlight; a 3-photo GIF
Rod Stewart's Band
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Rod Stewart Band Rod Stewart Band St. Chapelle
The gals delivered musical mastery, wardrobe changes, and velvety vocals.
Rod Stewart Xylophone?

Xylo, Marimba, or Glockenspiel?

Rod Stewart Vocalists

Surround Sound?

Buoyant balloons and Stewart-signed futbols “fall like rain” into the audience
Rod Stewart Festiveness
Click any thumbnail below for a large image from the set above.
Buoyant Balloons Beautiful Balloons Rod Stewart Soccer Balls

Hmm. The cast was captured in a “moment” when something was said or done that wasn’t in rehearsals!

Rod shocks his stagemates.
Rod Stewart Moment

The Setlist; Rod Stewart, Caesar’s Las Vegas
Saturday Nov. 24, 2018:

  1. Soul Finger… without Rod
  2. Infatuation
  3. Having A Party (from Sam Cooke)
  4. Some Guys Have All The Luck
  5. Tonight’s the Night
  6. Forever Young
  7. Rhythm of My Heart (from Marc Jordan)
  8. Maggie May
  9. Sweet Little Rock ‘n Roller (from Chuck Berry)
  10. I’d Rather Go Blind (from Etta James)
  11. Downtown Train (from Tom Waits)
  12. Oo-La-La
  13. The First Cut
  14. You’re in My Heart
  15. Have I Told You Lately? (from Van Morrison)
  16. Nutbush City Limits (from Tina Turner) … without Rod
  17. Do You Think I’m Sexy?
  18. Sailing (from the Sutherland Brothers)

2 thoughts on “Rod Stewart Las Vegas”

  1. Sir Rod is one of the acts to fill the Caesar’s Colosseum stage when Celine takes a break. I enjoyed that it was a “concert” while other performers put on a “show” that is sometimes too full of distraction. Maybe Rod will appear on one of the Roads Bel Travelled “in concert” with your itineraries. 🙂


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