“Flash Mob”

Flash Mob -by Robert O’Connell

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This is a fun and funny look at people, personalities, and problems. Did the author enjoy pouring this story out of his witty brain as it seems he must?

My ADDENDUM to the back cover teaser:
“You’ll laugh, You’ll cry, You’ll dance,
by Robert O’Connell

One hears how writers struggle to craft their work; this book comes across as the exception. One hears that dialogue is difficult to construct, but this novel is ninety-nine percent snappy, fluid banter.

Character development is excellent and remains consistent throughout. Personalities grow as the story builds, and none are superfluous.

There could be a sitcom made from this. There should at least be a movie. Mix one part “Being There” with many doses of Mel Brooks and parodies of New Jersey and “The Godfather.”

My typical reading style is one that examines the content for nuance, clever wording, and a well-tracked storyline. This work drew me through the very short chapters to savor scene after scene, providing a departure from my analytical nature.

Yet most content I desire is here. When Carter suffers a painful lesson after pursuing the wrong girl, he entertains a crisp analogy, “I recently went fishing in a smaller bear’s stream. It seems that the smaller bear had four rather large friends who he got to suggest that I fish elsewhere.”

Feelings are expressed and sometimes satirized. Relationships are characterized and sometimes charicaturized … touching a broad landscape:

Parent-child. Husband-wife. Brother-sister. Brother-brother.
Boy-girl. Men-women. Friend-friend. Black-white.
Mob-mob. …

“Flash Mob” is something quick. While the term refers to dance, I predict you will finish this novel in a flash. Your pearly whites will flash from the smiles it brings to your face. Enjoy your experience with author O’Connell’s “Flash Mob.”

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