From “the 3 R’s” … to 30

Maybe you have heard it said that elementary schoolers
should focus on “the 3 R’s” of

When 3 things become 30, later life is more complicated.

These days I’m experiencing
-Relaxation (sometimes)
-Resignment to being old(er)
But there are many more R’s now.

It is a period when one may do much
-Recording (DVR)
-Record keeping

And a time to improve Location, Location, Location
-Real Estate is to be bought/sold
-Relocate, nearer the kids perhaps
-Right-size before becoming even older

If staying in place, try

Manage health, not just for 2020-21’s “the ‘Rona”
-Rx Prescriptions
-Regular checkups
-RA may be coming, aka arthritis

Finances change to a focus on
-Retirement Accounts, from which come
-RMDs, or Required Minimum Distributions, and
-Related taxes

One may sense
-Recollection is not perfection
-Responsible career life giving way to
-Risk-taking driven by a youth-built bucket list

Should later-life adventures discover changed boundaries and physical limitations, this could be an unfortunate time of

There will be longings for the past, to
-Revisit places lived
-Return to places visited
-Retell stories everyone has heard

In this stage of life
-Recall pursuits deferred “until there was time”
-Realize everyone and everything to their fullest
-Resolve that life shouldn’t end before it’s finished

Thanks for bearing my Rant for a while.
It is always appreciated when friends take the time to
-Read … thus I’m so glad to have you here
-Respond … the site can accept comments
-Return … you can “follow” to learn of new posts

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