From “the 3 R’s” … to 30

Maybe you have heard it said that elementary schoolers
should focus on “the 3 R’s” of

When 3 things become 30, later life is more complicated.

These days I’m experiencing
-Relaxation (sometimes)
-Resignment to being old(er)
But there are many more R’s now.

It is a period when one may do much
-Recording (DVR)
-Record keeping

And a time to improve Location, Location, Location
-Real Estate is to be bought/sold
-Relocate, nearer the kids perhaps
-Right-size before becoming even older

If staying in place, try

Manage health, not just for 2020-21’s “the ‘Rona”
-Rx Prescriptions
-Regular checkups
-RA may be coming, aka arthritis

Finances change to a focus on
-Retirement Accounts, from which come
-RMDs, or Required Minimum Distributions, and
-Related taxes

One may sense
-Recollection is not perfection
-Responsible career life giving way to
-Risk-taking driven by a youth-built bucket list

Should later-life adventures discover changed boundaries and physical limitations, this could be an unfortunate time of

There will be longings for the past, to
-Revisit places lived
-Return to places visited
-Retell stories everyone has heard

In this stage of life
-Recall pursuits deferred “until there was time”
-Realize everyone and everything to their fullest
-Resolve that life shouldn’t end before it’s finished

Thanks for bearing my Rant for a while.
It is always appreciated when friends take the time to
-Read … thus I’m so glad to have you here
-Respond … the site can accept comments
-Return … you can “follow” to learn of new posts

7 thoughts on “From “the 3 R’s” … to 30”

  1. Brilliant Doug and happy to “see” (should be read) you again. Hope all is well in NC. Take good care and enjoy retirement with all your plans.

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  2. To be honest, that list looks and sounds exhausting. I think we have allowed ourselves to be told how to live our lives, and it can be daunting, if not overwhelming. At least some of the “R”s involve rest and relaxation!

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    1. Thank you for visiting, Tanja. I’ll Readily Reply that I can Relate to your thought: “… we have allowed ourselves to be told how to live our lives …”, with ‘allowed’ being the key word. So much is expected: Reaction, Response, even Rating. 🙂

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