I finally got “up” to watching “Everest” and it left me cold. The obvious pun-making review would begin as such. To further the fun of language, Everest itself is a mountain while the word is a portmanteau representing that point from which some never return. (2015 was the release year for this film, the same year the ‘p’ word “officially arrived” according to grammarly.com).

Watching this story unfold, one feels just some of the drama but not the full experience of the mountain. Second, it portrays the characters as quite normal persons, yet I would imagine that the very short list of those scaling this peak would be exceptions to normality. Those are just two reasons I could not fully connected to this film.

It’s worth watching if you’re so inclined, as you will feel some of the isolation and desolation of this place along with the gist of the story on which it is based. Compared to other movies I’ve watched this year, it doesn’t finish “on top.”

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