Hidden Figures

My 2017 “best screenplay” leader is “Hidden Figures.” Take a tissue, because it’s sweet; plus you’ll laugh, cringe, and learn. To see this film is to see history in the making: by the women portrayed, by the space race, and by the lightly-touched overlapping civil rights scenes. This film makes history come alive. The acting is solid; the scene settings adequate; neither is outstanding.

Kudos to Schroeder and Melfi for masterfully bringing Margot Lee Shetterly’s book to the silver screen.  Psychologist Jerome Bruner said, “An act that produces effective surprise [is] the hallmark of the creative enterprise.” Such a surprise is delivered by the three writers, especially for those of us thinking we know the story of early space exploration.

Background on the book’s development can be enjoyed at this link to brainpickings.org.