Lion (A Long Way Home)

“Lion” was seen, quite accidentally, on the 5-year anniversary of the main character concluding his real-life journey. The coincidence made me smile. I read some criticism of this film that it became too much about the technology. I didn’t see that. I did see strong acting, sometimes slow progressions that did not bother me, and a memorable tale.

I only somewhat grasped the monumental depth of the internal struggle for this character. I have to believe that some scenes fell on the cutting room floor that could have made the story epic. Those may have been lost to elements that played up relationships and feelings, which were also valuable insights. Something had to give, but there could be a terrific 3-hour version of this film that mines deeper into the mind.

If this is compelling for you, also see “Rabbit-Proof Fence” (2002) another Australian story of a journey toward home. The Aussies provide few but fabulous films.

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