Rendition (2007)

“Rendition” was recommended long ago by a friend. We could find some common ground on this film, as it composes an interesting tale and communicates something that was little known or understood at the time. I give the story good marks, as well as most of the actors. Still, I was disappointed in two regards.

First, the “plot twist” that warped time was unnecessary. Thank goodness watching at home enabled a “pause button” moment and evaluation of the story’s shift before concluding with a few scenes. I suppose the director wanted audiences leaving the theater to take it with them in discussion among their friends. If that technique is used, the viewer should be given more film time to process the surprise rather than being resigned to a “what the heck” fog just as the story reaches its conclusion.

Second, this point was over-wrought: Strong men are evil; powerful men are unprincipled; meek and milquetoast men are the only real men the world can count on. Got it; I’m ready for a war film.


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