Comms policy for 2020’s

I had some fun creating a “Policy” for my communications.

My communicative creations needed a Policy. After all, movies and books have their disclaimers regarding “coincidence” with “actual persons, living or dead.” And broadcasts set limits on their use or reuse. My position is more social than legal; hints of humor may be discerned. The Policy is intended for 21st-century perils of language.

Policy, Part 1: The words in my communications are defined as known to the source AT THE TIME of their use. Any resemblance to the same or similar words with OLDER or NEWER definitions have been and will be purely coincidental and not pervert the meaning from the time of origination therein.

Policy, Part 2: Any activity involving language has inherent risk. The receiver takes full responsibility for their protection by knowing the limits of words, heretofore acknowledged as the “sticks and stones” position that is expected to have been learnt from another source and is implicitly imbedded within this Policy.

Policy, Part 3: The words in my communications are intended for the audience to whom they are directed. Any rebroadcast or retransmission of ideas without implicit inclusion of this Policy voids the reuse prima facie.

Policy, Part 4: The recipient acknowledges that words are tools. Words SHOULD be used to create beautiful communications, still recognizing that “Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder.” This SHOULD NOT be transmuted to “Terror is in the Tools of the Originator,” without thoughtful implementation of this Policy. Further, words/tools SHOULD NOT be used reflexively, as the nail cannot wield the hammer. Please provide one’s own tools.

The Policy IS DEFENSIVE. All claims of offense in it are hereby deemed untrue because it does NOT include that “the best offense is a good defense.” “Policy” is separate from “content,” and the latter could be offensive toward things being critiqued, preferably outside the scope of receivers.

The above is intended to supplement, not replace, sound mental acuity maintained by most recipients. Others should consult a qualified professional before engaging in risky behavior, which includes but is not limited to excessive agility in interpretation as well as failure to accept magical or even mundane humor.

No animals were harmed in the formation of this Policy. 🙂

** End of Policy ** Last updated January, 2021.

The above applies to all content on this blog site and is now incorporated into the ‘About‘ page found at Carry on.

One thought on “Comms policy for 2020’s”

  1. Very good policies there Doug. And you’re right in many of the things you have said, especially with words are tools. Brilliant!
    All the best to you,

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