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Sahara Sunset

I did not visit the Sahara Desert, though the title above may imply it. But parts of that ecosystem floated across the Atlantic Ocean in June of 2020 as a “dust storm.”

The minerals in the airborne particulate caused exceptional coloration as the sunlight passed through. My camera lens caught the splendid difference on June 25, before the effect, then as it flourished on June 26.

In truth, every day is distinct at this North Carolina seaside location. A quartet of photos in a slide show and a single panorama photo below captured a variety of early summer sunsets.

I hope to post sunRISE photos from June 27 that were also colored by the Saharan dust. Done, July 3! The link for: Sahara-Sunrise.

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7*; Invisible Life (2019)

-Explicit sex scenes
-Somewhat long but paced well
-Brazilian with English subtitles

Let’s center this movie commentary
around a simple subject: “letters.”

I think of “Love Letters,” a dramatic play with letters in the starring role. There was “The Scarlet Letter,” a book where ‘A’ letter (of course) was the center of attention. “The Letter” was a song by The Box Tops (“… my baby just-a wrote me a letter, …”) that gave the letter great prominence in the 1960s.

Spoiler alert! I’m about to give away one component of multi-layered outcome of this film. Do not open this envelope if you need to be completely surprised.

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?*; SXSW Films (2020) -Pt2

-Film festival in Austin, TX, cancelled …
-Continuation of post: SXSW Films -Pt1

With the 2020 cancellation of the SXSW Festival (aka “South by Southwest”), I viewed selections they chose to stream through Amazon Prime Video, April 27 to May 6, 2020, free to Prime Members.

As noted, a film festival is like mining for riches, searching for nuggets, settling often for fool’s gold. Let us begin with some things that shone quite brightly:

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?*; SXSW Films (2020) -Pt1

-Film festival in Austin, TX, cancelled …
-Amazon Prime Video showing selected works

With the 2020 cancellation of the SXSW Festival (aka “South by Southwest”), I partook of some selections they chose to stream through Amazon Prime Video, April 27 to May 6, free to Prime Members.

Prior experience in this field totaled one day of a North Carolina film festival. I think 1.25 days of film festivals is my new tally, with this SXSW “attendance” lacking all the ambiance and much of the content, but getting “partial credit.”

My take is that a film festival is like mining for riches. The mine is deep. The waste products are abundant. The nuggets that shine might make it worthwhile. If not, one has stories of mind-numbingness endured. My story concludes with money pocketed by never making the trip to Austin.

The Southwest is home to “Black Gold, Texas Tea.” I didn’t find much that was my cup of tea, but let us start with the gold.

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7*; The Operative (2019)

-Foreign film scores well …
-… as usual

Intrigue and relationships are sufficient to recommend this film to people who like to engage. There’s action enough, but that’s not the reason I would pick to watch this, or most, movies. Story strength is important, and you will find it here.

Diane Kruger is the lead as Rachel. I’m not familiar with her film work , which dates at least to 2002. She conveys “I’m-a-real-person,” which is more satisfying than the caricatures often emanating from the silver screen. Leave the latter to her spy-ring handler.

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7*; Pariah: …Sonny Liston (2019)

-Showtime Network
-Documentary or tragedy?

You may not like them, but sometimes you need a doc. This might be that time and that documentary. If you crave information and intrigue, or pugilism and pugnacity, engross yourself for ninety minutes.

Information: Liston was famous, so I’ve heard. I briefly caught the force of heavyweight boxing only in the days of Clay, Ali, Frazier, and Foreman, after Sonny’s time at the top, which now I know.

Intrigue: What better setting than Las Vegas for an infamous death? Was he done in? Who done it? Writer Shaun Assael did not need central casting to compose a character list in Sin City.

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in Tolerable, Pt2

As noted in Part 1, the temporary moniker for this locale is “Tolerable.” Why? With current norms somewhat intolerable, I wish to shine a different angle of light on the state of “in Tolerable.” 🙂

The practices put into place at this time can be observed in this place, albeit with varied forms. All photos were taken April 2020.

WaveJump3 GIF

People here jump for joy … with reasonable spacing.

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in Tolerable, Pt1

In the spirit of

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

The temporary moniker of this place will be “Tolerable.”

When norms may seem intolerable, I’d rather be in Tolerable.

An extended stay-at-home order is unappealing. While feeling at home by the sea in NC, sharing a plethora of April 2020 photos might cast “in Tolerable” with a more favorable light. 🙂

Hazy beach at N Topsail Beach, NC

Conditions can be hazy, but these are open spaces … wide open!

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8*; Hampstead (2017)

A British Hermit not named Herman
Brendan Gleeson brings glee, son!

Diane Keaton will command any blurb for this film. She does not overact her role. In so (not?) doing she allows the brilliance of actor Brendan Gleeson to shine throughout an effort of solid storytelling.

Get to know Mr. Gleeson. Often unassuming, he acts without flash but with flair for character portrayal in manner and skill I compare to Gene Hackman.
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